2018 Buy Quickly's Double Eleven Performance

2018/11/11 Browse

This year Buy Quickly’s sales increased significantly, brands including MCM, Tumi, Pandora, Tissot, and especially  Clarks and SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot)  are among the highest ranking in sales. With New Retail new to Buy Quickly’s game, it brought sales traffic from offline to online stores. The performance of the offline  brand stores has increased compared with the usual geometric growth. At the same time, in order to promote the speed of the “Double Eleven” great deal orders, Buy Quickly was well prepared; with the upgrade of the 30,000 square meters + self-operated high-standard warehouse allowed storing, packing, shipping and delivery to run out smoothly.

Buy Quickly——Arriva’s Outstanding Double Eleven Performance

2018/11/11 Browse

Buy Quickly‘s Southeast Asian branch ARRIVA has announced their performance report for their first double eleven in the Philippines and Malaysia. ARRIVA established the leading position in Southeast Asia's e-commerce operation industry, brands such as FitFlop, Herschel, Jansport and Clarks performed well in the Fashion category. In addition, the Southeast Asia branch has gained a large exposure for the brand through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and other channels, and the drainage effect is excellent. At the same time, it successfully planned a multi-brand Facebook joint live broadcast, which was greatly exposed, viewed and interacted. It is worth mentioning that the successful planning of the PR event and the deepening of the strategic partnership with the Lazada platform.

Buy Quickly: 618 Sales Record

2018/06/21 Browse

Buy Quickly has once again broke its sales record with “618 Carnival” being the biggest mid-year event on the e-commerce calendar at its closing. The extension of the 618 activity period also allowed each category and brand to have more freedom in their method of promotion and timing during those 20 days. Store operation, digital marketing, customer service, warehousing logistics and new retail synergy operations achieved outstanding results in 2018’s 618 event. Buy Quickly took the No. 1 ranking in women’s bags for the 8th consecutive year, with all other Buy Quickly bags brands entering the top 30 stores in that category.

Tumi Launches in China

2018/04/19 Browse

Tumi, an international brand for high-end suitcases and bags for travel has recently secured a strategic collaboration agreement with Buy Quickly. Buy Quickly has officially started operating Tumi’s ecommerce platform, Tmall and JD.com. TUMI Chinese name is Tuming, which is a highly sought-after luggage brand. Since its establishment in 1975, it has been known as “high-end and multi-functional”. The quality of the nylon bag is wear-resistant, and it can be bulletproof even if it is (say). Charlie Clifford, the founder of the brand, was a member of the US Peace Corps stationed in South America. He named his company under the name of the Peruvian god "TUMI" and is committed to creating a brand that makes travel easier and more convenient.